How Slack is Renovating the Concept of Simplicity


It’s Monday morning. You’re still recovering from the weekend and 8 a.m. is definitely too early to even be thinking about working, let alone doing it. You walk into the office and before you even have your coat off or your lunch in the fridge, it’s time for morning meeting. Oh joy! Everyone’s favorite time of the day…

It seems these meetings are always dragged on for an unnecessary length of time. Once you get past the obligatory “So, how is everyone doing this morning?” which is always answered by a rumbling of exhausted moans, you get to listen. This typically takes 45 minutes to an hour because everyone gets a turn to share in morning meeting.

The usual stuff is covered during this time: staff reports, stats on last week, all of the problems within the company, etc… Yes, these things are important for everyone to know. The information is (usually) vital! But does it really need to be presented in person? Does everyone really need to gather around a table to physically see Linda rustling through a folder of unorganized papers? I don’t think so, and the creators of Slack don’t think so either.

What is Slack, you ask?

Slack  is a new app that basically organizes your entire life. Their slogan is “be less busy,” which is probably a pretty appealing concept if you are living and breathing in 2015! Essentially, by implementing slack into your company, it could decrease the amount of time you and your coworkers spend in physical meetings. How? Well, because it allows for everyone to put everything in one place, online. Similar to the cloud, yes, but way more organized:

Create channels to organize conversations between you and your team! Direct message coworkers to get a quick response! Share all of your files with anyone in the company! Configure the tools you use on a daily basis into the system… Honestly, what can’t Slack do?

This app puts everything in one place and it is simple to use. Instead of wasting time sitting in a conference room, create a channel with your team, upload the files, and then chat about it in real time (or when you have the time). Oh! And did I mention it is free to try? If you are now thinking Slack seems like the obvious solution to making your life easier, it may be time to download it today and talk to your boss about it tomorrow!

What do you think of Slack? Could this new app save your company time and energy?


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