3 thoughts on “Loco for Logos

  1. Hey Abriel –
    This was an interesting topic and I really like where you went with it. I especially liked your point on how color affects how people perceive a company or brand, and I think it ties really well into your first point about essence and theme. When you look at the deep green of Starbucks, you feel calm, the way that sitting in their cafe may make you feel. When you see the little white bird in a block of blue when you log into Twitter, you know it’s nothing too serious. A company that sells soft drinks can’t have a wine bottle on their logo – it just doesn’t represent them. On that note of color, that infographic is a really handy tool and an excellent idea to tie into this blog post.
    I agree that simplicity is key – we have evolved from the crazy logos to minimalist, easy-on-the-eyes branding. Companies have walked away from the idea of crazy, 3D explosions of color on their products and have moved onto something far more appealing. Even Starbucks cut a bit of the extra stuff out of their logo, because people nowadays don’t seem to want to read anything that has more than like, 5 words, let alone a logo you see everywhere.
    I really enjoyed the points you brought up, they made me think a lot about what is appealing and what isn’t in a brand’s logo. My only suggestion would be to start that dialogue at the end of your post.


  2. Abriel, I love how you started off your blog telling your readers how “everyone has a brand they are trying to express to the world.” This is something very important that we have discussed in class several times and is something that I think is important for individuals to know.

    I loved reading you blog and hearing your opinion on logos for a brand. A logo has become the single most visible display of a company within the target market. They appear everywhere, from clothing, billboards, cards and etc.

    When reading your blog, I remembered a popular game that everyone was playing a couple years ago, where your knowledge was tested about brands. To play the game a logo was presented to you, and you had to type in your name of the brand to move on to the next one.

    After reading your blog, I realized that the logo of a brand immediately connects our minds to the business in question, without the need to see its name. If you see two golden arches, you automatically think of McDonalds. If you see an apple with a bite taken out of it, you think of the computer company Apple. This type of instant recognition is the holy grail for a business.

    I think step number two of your blog, was very important. Especially when you wrote, “a logo should create instant impact, you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of the viewer, so it is important for the design to be visually appealing and also clear.” This is so true! Recent studies have shown that people recognize and relate to images faster then text. In today’s world of multimedia, this rings more true then ever.

    Overall your blog was very well written and very informative. I really enjoyed it!


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