Maxwell House Ad

maxwellhouselargeProblem: Synonymous with drip coffee, Maxwell House has been a trusted brand for over 120 years. However, with the myriad of new coffee options available today, this timeless brand has fallen to the bottom of coffee drinker’s lists. Desperate to boost sales and increase visibility, Maxwell House went looking for a new slogan and television campaign.

Task: Identify target audience, develop a new slogan and create a 60-second T.V. commercial for Maxwell House drip coffee.

Target Audience: Identify demographic and psychographic elements of target client. “Domestic Duos” are middle-class, baby boomers (age 55+), who are typically married and live in suburban areas. “Makers” value self-sufficiency and prefer value to luxury.

New Slogan: “You Know Good Things Take Time” was the slogan my team chose. This slogan infers the good taste of the product and also the process of making drip coffee. Our idea stemmed from how coffee can bring people together and that just like raising a family, fixing a car, or making a cup of coffee, some things take worthwhile time and effort. This slogan also encourages “Makers” to take the time to do something right.

60-Second Ad: Empty Nesters evokes feelings of comfort and nostalgia and reflects on the product’s legacy.

  • The ad depicts a white couple in their mid-fifties. The concept of the commercial is that they have sold their home they raised their family in and are starting a new chapter of their lives. During this transition, they seek comfort in memories, each other and the little things that have always been there for them, like Maxwell House Coffee.

Team: I worked with two other students to develop the new slogan, “You Know Good Things Take Time,” and I developed my own 60-second ad for television.

***This was a project done for one of my classes (Continuity Writing for Electronic Media) these ideas were not ever presented to or used by Maxwell House.


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